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Gluten free breads

Soft French Bread – available every day

Our custom recipe for this bread has been passed for over three generations. Delicious sandwich bread that carries the benefits of Fiber and Protein create a beautiful soft and airy texture and unforgettable taste. It is a must try for anyone looking for a great bread.
Rustic White Sandwich Bread – special order

Our famous rustic white bread that is light as air with soft cashmere texture that doesn’t compare to anything else out there. Beautiful tender inside with crisp crust is sure to become an instant favorite. Best for Sandwiches, French Toast or as a snack. Kid’s favorite bread, that will make the most picky eaters smile.

Whole Grain Bread – available every day

An ancient European tradition transformed in to Gluten Free version. This bread is one of kind artisan loaf filled with goodness of: sorghum, flax, quinoa and brown rice. It is a treat for your taste buds and stomach as it provides you with rare nutrients, fatty acids and fiber so needed on the gluten free diet.

Onion Bread – special order

Classical Old World combination of white bread and fried onion creates a nostalgic moments whiles you indulge in the aroma and taste of this phenomenal bread. This bread is great on sandwiches adding an extra flair to the routine meal.

Cheese Bread – available Thu, Fri, Sat or to order

Soft White loaf enhanced with a beautiful cheese flavor. Its wonderful as a sandwich bread or an afternoon snack. Toast it or bake it with garlic for an instant garlic cheese toast. (Made with real Canadian cheddar cheese. Not Dairy Free)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread – available Thu, Fri, Sat or to order

Our best selling bread is guaranteed to blow your mind. It is like nothing you’ve tasted before. Moist soft inside is sweetened with organic raisins and crispy crust work beautiful with tea, coffee or with butter/ spread.

French Baguette – special order

Great for French toast, garlic toast, bruschetta or as a sub with your favorite topping.

Focaccia Bread – special order

When tiered of classical breads and looking to spice up your menu, focaccia is a way to go. It would go great with soups, meals, as a dipping bread or make a great sandwich.